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Qualities of Leadership: The Best Practices of Effective Leadership

Join panelists as they discuss the best practices of effective leaders.

Saturday, May 21, 2011, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Jonas Clark Hall, Room 102

Panelists include

Mary-Ellen Boyle, Associate Professor of Management at the Graduate School of Management, Clark University
Lauren Rikleen '75, Executive in Residence at the Center for Work and Family, Boston College
Marcia Savage '61, M.A.Ed. '62, L.H.D '92, Former President, Manhattanville College
William Southworth '61, Co-Founder and CEO, Healing Leaders


Mary Ellen Boyle, currently an associate professor in Clark University's Graduate School of Management, holds an M.B.A. from the Carroll School of Management and Ph.D. in Sociology from Boston College. She has taught several graduate level courses, such as Business in Society; Managing Change and Conflict; Global Business Seminar; Women and Men in Management; Organizational Behavior: Teams, Theory; and Teaching with Cases. Her research interests include organizational and social change, especially with regard to the role played by education, corporate citizenship, university-community partnership, and the arts. Currently, Mary Ellen is promoting Active Learning & Research at Clark University with her involvement in the University Park Partnership. Through this initiative, Dr. Boyle and her students study and support local business in Clark's surrounding neighborhoods.


Lauren Stiller Rikleen is a nationally recognized expert on developing a thriving, diverse and multi-generational workforce. Lauren launched the Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership to help businesses and other organizations create a culture where their professionals can advance and flourish. She brings to each engagement more than two decades of experience as a law firm partner, mediator, and professional and community leader. Lauren is the author of "Ending the Gauntlet: Removing Barriers to Women's Success in the Law," published in 2006, which has been highly acclaimed for its thoughtful insights into the management of today's law firms and the institutional impediments to the retention and advancement of women in the legal profession. She is also the author of "Success Strategies for Women Lawyers," published in the fall of 2010. She has authored more than 95 articles on a variety of topics within her area of expertise as well as topical commentary, including op ed pieces in major newspapers. Among her many honors, Lauren was a 2010 Leading Women Award recipient from the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, a recipient of the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly 2009 Women of Justice Award, the 2007 Barbara Gray Humanitarian Award from Voices Against Violence, the Boston College 2004 Alumni Award for Excellence in Law, the Boston College Law School 75th Anniversary Alumni Medal, and the 2005 Lelia J. Robinson Award from the Women's Bar Association of Massachusetts. In 1997, the Metrowest Chamber of Commerce named her Business Leader of the Year, and she was the 2001 winner of its Athena Award. For more information on her institute, please go to


Marcia SavageMarcia Savage, a Worcester native, spent a good portion of her life at Clark University. As an undergraduate majoring in English, she came to love Clark but never anticipated that it would become the central foundation of her professional career. While working on her Master's degree she had a plan, and quickly learned that career plans were good, but only rarely did life follow them. In 1962 she began an 18-year adventure at Clark, moving into one administrative position after another. While the thought of leaving was, at times, inconceivable, Marcia left Clark in 1980 to become the President of Hartford College for Women, a two-year women's college in Hartford, CT. It was there that she learned what it took to oversee an entire institutional operation. In her fifth year at HCW (1985), she was approached by Manhattanville College, in Purchase, NY, to become their president. There she learned what it meant to try to exercise leadership for a college that had undergone very significant changes, from a religious to secular institution, and from all-female to co-ed. The challenges were great, the work exceedingly complex. She left Manhattanville after a little more than ten years, taking up residence in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, having made the decision not to pursue academic administration. Her plan was to consult and write, but, instead she became the CEO of a Community Health Center. Currently, she is retired and involved in the community as a volunteer. As you can probably tell from this quick review, her liberal arts education continues.


William Southworth has held a number of leadership positions, as well as being involved in leadership training for almost fifty years here and abroad. These positions include Student Body President - Clark University; founder and first president of the Worcester Area Intercollegiate Council, an organization of Student Body Presidents from ten Worcester-area colleges and universities; Director of Peace Corps training at Boston University; founder and director of Project Adolescent; director of New Hampshire's Early Adolescent Development program; and founder and director of the Corporate Council for Critical Skills, a New Hampshire state-wide consortium of businesses and schools helping to keep teachers in the classroom, emphasize 10 critical skills in all subjects, and retrain teachers to use a problem- and learner-centered, whole-class approach to education; and co-founder and CEO of Healing Leaders, a consulting and training company for leaders, located in Cortez, CO. Bill now lives on a canyon farm outside of Cortez, CO where he and his wife, Penny, founded Healing Leaders, which focuses on leadership consulting and training in collaborative leadership and conflict management. They also have a large orchard in case they run out of things to do.

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