Reunion 2021
Virtual Paint Night

Thursday, May 27
7:00 - 8:00 P.M. EDT

Join Canvas n Cup Painting Studio for a virtual paint night, featuring a painting of Jonas Clark Hall! All are welcome, no experience necessary.

Sign up below and you will receive all the supplies by mail in the days before the event. 
Registration for this event closes Monday, May 10 at 5pm. Space is limited for this event. Don’t miss your chance and sign up now!

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Thursday May 27
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Join Canvas n Cup for a virtual paint night featuring a painting of Jonas Clark Hall.
Event registration summary
Reunion 2021: Virtual Paint Night:
Virtual Paint Night - Who's Coming
Results: (1 - 50) of 50
NamePref. Class Yr
Michelle M. Andrews2014
Anika K. Berger2019
Emma D. Binder2015
Colleen E. Burns2011
Atulya L. Chaganty2011
Julie Cieplik1992
Bethany R. Colbert1991
Stephen Colbert
Elizabeth E. Connolly Martell1991
Hannah L. Cooper2020
Deborah Derderian1991
Mark R. Derderian1989
Katherine C. Dixon2016
Jessica A. Donati2015
Jessica Ferland1997
Christina M. Ferretti2013
Kenneth J. Gelman1971
Juliana B. Gluck2017
Nora E. Goodspeed2006
Shawn M. Goodspeed2006
Krittika Govil2011
Avery E. Griffith2014
Joanna G. Hamilton2019
Francesca N. Householder2014
Hannah L. Jaffe2016
Joyce E. Joseph2019
Anna L. Kupik2006
Sarah E. Laski2011
Carolyn J. Lewis1995
Mary E. McMahon-Chappell1980
Carol A. Meyers1988
Juliet F. Michaelsen2019
Hannah J. Millen2016
Eriberto Mora-Carrera2017
Julianne X. Murphy2017
Sofia E. Noguer2019
Jessica A. O'Connell1999
Sean M. O'Connell1998
Daniela Ostreicher2016
Brenda T. Paredes-Arce2019
Carol H. Peters1984
Leslie I. Rosen Stern1994
Mackenzie L. Satalino2018
Allison C. Schenkler Goldin2011
Erin E. Shull2019
Natalia Simatupang2009
Sara N. Singh2000
Julie G. Turbert1988
Mary E. Williams1972
Yuliya Yakunina-Fridman2012
Results: (1 - 50) of 50