Throughout the past decade, numerous stakeholders have been pondering, planning, and pushing for educational equity in Massachusetts Public Schools. In this presentation, Professor Raphael E. Rogers ’94 will share some of his experiences working with various stakeholders beyond Clark’s campus on strategies to eliminate equity gaps at the district, school, and classroom level across the state.

Thursday, May 27, Noon EDT
Pondering, Planning, and Pushing for Educational Equity in
Massachusetts Public Schools

Dr. Raphael Rogers ’94, Associate Professor of Practice in Education

According to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education State Equity Plan (2015), there are several barriers that continue to impede the advancement of equity in public education in the state. Students of color and those in urban districts are disproportionately taught by inadequately prepared, inexperienced, and unqualified teachers. Moreover, this sub-group of students tends to be in schools with a higher percentage of educators and administrators rated as ineffective according to the state’s educator evaluator framework.

Rogers will share his work with teachers in Clark’s partner schools, his involvement with the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Educator Preparation Division and Center for Instruction Support, and his responsibilities as a consultant to the state’s recently formed Culturally Responsive Teaching Taskforce. Rogers will also talk about his involvement with a few networks across the state working to diversify and improve the critical consciousness of the teaching workforce in the state.

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Thursday May 27
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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