Masculinities, Racism and Militarized Policing: Feminists Investigate

Dr. Cynthia Enloe
Research Professor, IDCE and Adjunct Professor of Political Science
Thursday, October 8
12:00 pm (EDT)

Over the past decade, local US police departments have bought and been given (by the Defense Dept) the sorts of equipment usually an army uses to wage a war. Such arming of a civil institution instills in many individual police officers the distorted notion that policing is combat against an enemy. In a racially unequal society such as today's US, that escalates racist policing. Feminist investigations don't stop there. Feminists ask: Do certain sorts of police equipment privilege certain sorts of policing masculinity? Does a rifle or armored vehicle marginalize other kinds of policing manliness? Does it push all kinds of women and non-binary people further to the sidelines? In this session, we will put our heads together and use our feminist curiosities to untangle the gendered knot of policing, masculinities, women, enemies, weapons, and racism.

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Thursday October 8
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Join Dr. Cynthia Enloe for this faculty series presentation entitled "Masculinities and Militarized Policing: Feminists Investigate."
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